Organizational and financial issues of participation

Applications for the participation in the conference will be accepted until January 24, 2023 (with papers) and until July 28, 2023 (without papers).

The organizational fee is 900 Euro for each conference participant. Members of Organizing and Programme Committees as well as teachers, students and graduate students of Universities will be exempted from having to pay the organizational fee.

No organizational fee will be paid by faculty members and full-time university students and postgraduate students. The Organizing and Program Committee members will pay no organizational fee either.

The fee payment covers organizational services (including lunch and coffee breaks); simultaneous and consecutive interpreting; hard copy publication of the Book of Abstracts, publication of the conference proceedings in electronic form (on CDs) and on NIKIET JSC’s official website and on the ISTC NIKIET – 2023 website; and transfers between the Krasnoselskaya underground railway station and NIKIET JSC.

The organizational fee shall be paid to NIKIET JSC’s bank account (the current banking details will be made available on the ISTC NIKIET – 2023 website). Please make your payment with a note “Participation in the ISTC NIKIET – 2023 Conference. Full name of participant”. Credit card payment on the Conference days is also possible.

The online registration form for the participants, the conference information, the preliminary conference program, and the agreement form will be made available on the ISTC NIKIET – 2023 website at and on NIKIET JSC’s website at

Where difficulties arise with the online registration on the conference website, the application for the participation may be e-mailed to Olga TITOVA, Secretary of the Organizing Committee: e-mail:; tel.: +7 (499) 763-03-71; fax: +7 (499) 788-20-52. The application form is enclosed (Annex 3).